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RSF drafts a ‘roadmap’ for Kiev: call for Zelensky to guarantee media freedom

UK – The housing associations front: how Tories are eradicating political opposition grassroots

It’s genocide, dear Cossack brothers

“People in Russia are isolated and told that Ukrainians are the enemy”. A Russian national says stressing it’s important to maintain the communication with people in Russia. How to bypass Putin’s regime censorship and reach Russians giving them the chance to know the truth on the war in Ukraine? Among the many Ukrainians at the #LondonStandsWithUkraine march organised by the Mayor of London, there were some Russian nationals expressing concerns about the isolation of the Russian population after ban on media, social media, Google and internet access have been imposed. “We are Russian, we are against the war” they said “this is the only chance we have to let them know”.

Ukrainians rally in front of Russian Embassy in London “I am from Ivano-Frankivsk, my family and friends are all save for now. I am here to support them the only way I can”.

The TalkEurope Interview No-deal catastrophe Maike Bohn The3Million “First signs of discrimination, but the real problems will start in January 2021” Read more

Undemocratic, this is the right word describing the British electoral system which excludes its citizens living abroad and EU citizens in UK from general elections.
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Racism: risk of preventive appeasement of protest as local authorities review symbols of slave trade.
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Black Lives Matter – Urgent changes for the post-Floyd era ​legal justice and equal representation of black people in police as in institutions

The rotten equation behind the politics of homelessness. Hundreds of thousands of homeless started affecting government’s reputation and credibility

British young are asking end of systemic racism. Toppling of symbol of slavery in Bristol to change culture and course of history
Thousands flood the streets after George Floyd’s murder to ask end systemic racism in UK

TalkEurope interview with Jon Sparkes, CEO at Crisis “Together we can end homelessness”.

London – Crisis is a charity where people believe homelessness can be ended. Its CEO Jon Sparkes launched an appeal for a cross-party manifesto along with the main British homeless charities, to ask all politicians to agree a common policy to tackle the issue. “On its own the delivery of lots of new houses won’t end homelessness, but as part of a package of interventions is hugely important. Our research says that England and Wales need 90.000 new social homes per year for the next 15 years”. 

TalkEurope Interview – Learning to change our future with a big pencil. Matteo Bergamini tells about Shout Out UK, politics and media literacy and why Daily Mail did not like the video ‘No vote no voice’