Common goals, common fight


Berlin, 26 May 2023 – European trade unions are starting a new season of fight for workers’ rights across the Old Continent. “Because it ain’t to be workers to pay, once again, for this latest economic crisis” said Italian CGIL Secretary General Maurizio Landini at ETUC Congress in Berlin, escalating the call for a common fight to European stage as workers are now facing the same challenges and paying with their lives the same cynicism of an increasing exploitative system.

Photo – CGIL General Secretary Maurizio Landini at European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) Congress in Berlin 26 May 2023

“We proposed to the whole European trade union movement to start taking action as early as June in each one of our countries to build up a great common momentum over this autumn,” said Maurizio Landini, Secretary General of CGI, Italian largest Trade Union.

Addressing the wide audience gathered in Berlin for the last day of the Congress Landini set out the common goals uniting trade unions beyond national borders:

Landini’s 8 points
1) Oppose the return of austerity
2) Safe and dignified work
3) Fight against precarization of employment
4) Increase wages and pensions
5) Fair taxation that redistributes profits
6) Defense of services to guarantee rights to health and public education
7) Erase wage differences between men and women
8) Affirm in Europe a new inclusive model of development that gives real opportunities to young people and leaves no one behind

The ETUC which this year passed its 50th anniversary since was funded shared CGIL’s proposal to start a common process of European mobilization,

The Congress at its 15th edition, adopted the Berlin Manifesto and Action Programme by all European trade federations and the entire newly elected leadership group with newly elected General Secretary Esther Lynch, the Irish trade unionist who first became involved in the labour movement while working in a micro-chip factory in the 1980s, will lead ETUC over the next four years.

Photo #etuc50 Irish trade unionist Esther Lynch elected ETUC General Secretary

The Congress: About 600 national trade union delegates including General Secretaries and of some 93 national trade unions from 41 European countries, 10 European sectoral trade union federations and special guests.


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