That absolutist Tory flair

Coronation arrests: police made history outside Westminster Abbey following to the letter two Medieval Acts of Tory reign in a global showcase of today’s United Kingdom

London, 7 May 2023 – The day after the 52 arrests of peaceful anti-monarchy protesters during the coronation ceremony, the MET police gave their official justification.

Commander Karen Findlay told BBC that police had a duty to intervene “when protest becomes criminal and may cause serious disruption”.

When, then, anti-Royals rally in Trafalgar of few hundreds peaceful protesters, became “criminal”?

What are the charges against the 52 arrested during the ceremony and what were the charges, or simple allegations, against Graham Smith, head of the Republic movement, arrested without any apparent reason Saturday at 7.30am while he was at home preparing placards for the gathering to be held later. He has been held for 16 hours on suspicion of what?

In order to arrest and detain somebody over suspicion of ‘sedition’ or incitement to intentionally provoke disruption, the police must have strong, tangible, evidence.

Police also arrested two women and a man on Saturday in Soho, central London, “on suspicion of conspiracy to commit public nuisance” and over alleged distribution of false warnings of rape to be given to the public.

Another tell quotes the officers as saying the rally could have caused horses wheelie during the procession escorting Charles III carriage, this was the British military’s largest ceremonial operation for 70 years with more than one thousand between Army troops, infantry, Royal Navy, Mounted troops and more: then police’s attempted justification for the arrests widely underestimates the numbers, the loud roar of drums, trumpets and tone-deaf mounted bands of the procession from and back to Buckingham Palace, left alone the screaming crowd itself.

The anti-royals rally was so small that the massive arrest was simply grotesque and, once again, brought Britain back to the medieval age.

Police intervention looks like an outdoors revival of the repression of the Peasants’ Revolt against Richard II in 1381, though here the political context is more complex as in today’s Britain monarch’s powers are purely symbolic while the Tories instead are those responsible for medieval edicts imposed by their fake majority fortified in the House of Commons.

Maybe the police wanted to sound in tune with the ongoing ancient coronation rite bringing that absolutism flair outside Westminster Abbey. Could be. For sure it has been a worldwide showcase of the regression of Britain to the Medieval Age after nearly 14 years of Tory reign.

Both Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 and the recent Public Order Act approved few days before the coronation, are the latest stones and boiling oil the Tories dropped down the castle trying to stop the advancing opposition and growing social discontent.

Emy Muzzi