45 tanks for Zelensky’s 45th birthday as US backs up Germany’s 14 Leopard with 31 Abrams. Next month the war in Ukraine turns one year, but where is the movement for peace?

London, 25 Jan 2023 – Symbolism in war and international relations counts: 31 Abrams from US on top of 14 Leopard from Germany are 45 tanks in total: right in the day Volodymyr Zelensky turns 45. That’s a big present for Zelensky’s birthday, but maybe not for the European population who feels increasingly concerned over the escalation in Ukraine.

While Biden stressed this afternoon US wants to make clear the West is united against Russian invasion, he backed and reinforced Scholz debated decision on tanks with 31 M1 Abrahams “the equivalent of one Ukrainian battalion”, US president said.

While on social media explodes the rage of the average Americans who question taxpayers’ money to weaponize Ukraine, Biden feels like he has to reiterate the message: “That’s what this is all about, helping Ukraine defend and protect Ukrainian land, it is not an offensive threat to Russia, there is no offensive threat to Russia” he said after the Kremlin reacted: “tanks will burn in Ukraine”.

25 Jan 2023 – Joe Biden announced 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine in press conference

West collective decision signs an escalation in tensions while Biden stressed today “we want the end of the war” referring to the UN Charter to entrust the decision: “these are the terms we all signed up for 143 nations voted at UNGA last October”.

As we are approaching one year of war after Russia invaded Ukraine last 24 February 2022, the truth is that, though millions in Europe and US want to see a peace agreement and negotiations starting ASAP, our governments are driving us all towards the opposite direction;

Being millions, even tens or hundreds of millions individually asking for immediate peace talks in Ukraine through individual social media accounts count zero. Numbers add up and become significative figures impacting political representation and therefore governments, when unite in a coherent movement. There’s not a national, nor one significative international movement for peace in Ukraine at present. The reason for that is mainstream media are spreading the narrative labelling those against the war and for peace as pro-Russian. This is an intimidating and defamatory technique to uniform public opinion to the one of the establishment.

Standing for peace in Ukraine means to push states to open a negotiation table, to restart diplomatic talks, to de-escalate while putting in question the seat of Russian in the United Nations Security Council. When Russian seat will be seriously put at risk or eliminated through the elimination of veto power, then we will have laid the ground for peace and prevented future invasions.

To reach such a goal an international movement for peace in Ukraine uniting millions has to be established; one acting coherently both in each country and at international level, in representation of those millions of people in western countries who today fool themselves thinking that posting a comment against sending weapons to Ukraine is useful, might have an impact; posting on social against the war might help to spread awareness, but as we are facing a dangerous escalation, we have no more time to waste and we need unite, organise and act.