Portrait of a ruling minority: Tories fall in the deep at 19% distance from Labour

London, 2 Oct. 2022 – With the Tory Party plunging into the abyss at 27% and Labour skyrocketing at 46%, the British politics skyline has rapidly changed over the last week. (Opinium polls 2 Oct 2022)

And the Conservative Party conference ongoing in Birmingham made things even worse. After PM Truss went on backing the contested mini-budget, a shambolic declaration of the Party Chair made clear to everybody the ‘politics’ behind Tory cynical indifference towards the vast majority of the British people who are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, high energy bills, food prices soaring, devaluation and precarisation of work, scarcity of jobs and the pound hitting historic low.

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO – Conservative Party Chair Jake Berry explains to Sky News the Tory ‘approach the government is taking to tackle the cost-of-living crisis affecting millions of British.

“People know that when the bills arrive, they can either cut their consumption or they can get higher salary and higher wages, just go out and get that new job. That’s the approach this government is taking. We are saying ‘Look let’s create growth so households can afford their bills’ as well as the brilliant work we are doing on energy bills”, Conservative Party Chair Jake Berry said to Sky News.

The words soon bounced back on social media. But beyond the angered comments, the polls spoke for themselves: Tory incompetence, disregard for the population and the apparent protection of big speculative businesses, such as construction industry and real estate private investors, pushed Labour further up, with a huge growing gap of 19% from the Conservative ‘ruling minority’.

The day of the deep lows went on with Rees Mogg being booed by angered citizens while on his way to the Conference: Birmingham is a productive heart of Britain now frustrated by a government ever mutating his ‘facade’ over the last 12 years, and still keeping up to its promise to de-tax and protect the richest elites and their interests while dismantling social protection and depredating the wider population of their entitlement to the basic rights allowing their growth and social mobility: a confirmation for that is the Tory plan to progressively reducing the Welfare state and even the state pensions (which are not a benefit) leaving millions stuck into poverty and prone to government’s led media propaganda and hidden control.

Beyond that, the ultra-right Tories are asserting the dangerous principle that workers and social rights, conquered through fights and trade unions decades ago, are not acquired once and for all, they can strip us of these rights at any time through a non-actual majority of MPs whose numbers no longer match the will of British constituencies.

A petition calling General Elections as soon as possible to stop the Tory chaos reached nearly 421K signatures so far, then will be debated in the House of Commons. Many petitions tried to stop the Tories over this decade, none worked, but it’s the signal of an upcoming change.