Tory calculation will not give opposition the chance of new elections.

London, 7 July 2022 – An avalanche of resignation within his own party, Cabinet Office’s secretaries and ministers historically loyal to him calling for his resignations, but defiant Boris Johnson will stay as PM probably until October, though he announced today his resignations as Tory Party leader.

The black Downing Street closed door is leaving us guessing what actually is being plotted behind. For sure this extension of mandate has been the shared decision of the far-right Brexiteers who fear that without the Brexit-puppet, whose features symbolize the widespread English racism, they will drawn in the polls.

Britain – Intention of vote Data BMG Research – fieldwork 28 June to 1st July

Labour leader Keir Starmer said if Johnson remains in office as caretaker PM until a new leader is elected, he will call a no confidence vote in order to go to fresh general elections.

In any democratic country such a civil war in the leading majority following a series of scandals and even fraud allegation in relation to the Covid-19 crisis management (ie billion funds given to companies who delivered the wrong PPE), would have resulted into new elections. But there’s evidently a structural problem: if a party loses its working majority (though they still count as MPs) a mechanism for new elections should be in place.

The two party system is damaging Britain and opposition parties should propose to swithch to proportional representaton system.

Getting rid of Johnson won’t lead Britain to regain its democracy, by the way. The two party system is the core of the issue and the system which is sliding Britain into fascism, it’s an obsolete political representation which de facto is no longer representative and excludes huge swathes of the society from seeing their rights and interests defended in the parliament. Hence the decadence into populism which levels everyone down through the ‘identity politics’ without addressing different social classes’ issues, and further down into fascism: if you find the F-word too strong to describe Tory government you just take a look to the The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act

The impact of such laws and corruption is life changing for British people, of any age.

The last say is left to the 1922 Conservative Committee which on Monday will appoint new members and then will decide whether to change the confidence vote rule. Boris Johnson survived, by a slight majority, a vote of confidence one month ago, by the law next confidence vote can take place not earlier than in one year time.

As Tories are the party of power for power and opportunism, it sounds unlikely they would give the Labour Party the chance to trigger new elections when the opposition is gaining ground in all constituencies and even winning in Tory strongholds.

Over these days Tories are prepared to anything in order to oust Johnson, but they know this comes with a risk: if a new no confidence vote will be held and won, a leadership contest will start within the Conservatives. Even if a no confidence vote is not leading to new elections straight away, this could lead to ones if new Conservative leader ask for one or if two-thirds of MPs vote for anticipated elections.

Labour and opposition now are pushing for new elections asap as “Tory government and not just Johnson, are the real problem”. This will luckily leads Tories to be cautious as they know they will never win an election with Sunak or Javid as leader.