FTSE 350 companies gain 70% while people struggle: trade unions march and block Britain with a massive strike.

At least 25 thousands marched Saturday 18 June 2022 in central London for the Trade unions rally TUC, Unite, Unison and many other unions against the Tory government direct responsibility for the cost of leaving crisis and its failure to tackle increasing poverty and precarious work

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham

“How dare the Governor and the Bank of England call the pay restraint. …we will not be doing it” said Unite general secretary Sharon Graham answering British central bank move asking workers not to demand a pay rise. “Profiteering” was one of Graham’s key points: “the profit margin of the FTSE 350, the biggest companies in Britain, has grown up by 70% since before the pandemic…so deal with that, Prime Minister, before you come up to workers’ pay” said Sharon Graham addressing thousands in Parliament Square today in her speech confirming Unite will go on fighting for a “decent pay, fair minimum wage, pay rise”.

Speeches at the rally confirmed Trade Unions Confederation will go on opposing government restrictive measures impacting working class and wages and the announced train and tube strike across England and Wales, included the tube strike in London on Tuesday 21st June, will paralyze Britain next week.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) announced general strike Tuesday 21, Thursday 23 and Saturday 25 across England, Scotland and Wales.