Fitting In The Hole Of The Hamster: why AI genetic algorithm in job selection should be banned. Read full study.

London, 7 June 2022 – Artificial Intelligence is already impacting negatively job selection by reinforcing biases (pivotal example the Amazon ‘male only’ hiring case). On top of the ‘traditional’ discrimination based on gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic origin, minority groups, disability, today AI is adding up a new one, the Genetic Algorithm, based on ‘genes’, term borrowed from Darwin’s evolution theory, now used as method of automated sourcing and selection of profiles and CVs using a simulation of adaptive mutation.

In the study attached is explained why this determines an unprecedented massive and systemic exclusion of the ‘non-fit’ and non adaptive kind of individuals from work selection, while progressively creating a wide category of workers whose ‘fit-in’ gene mutate and multiply to meet ever changing businesses requests, in an endless effort similar to the hamster riding the wheel with the illusion of evolving, while remaining instead in the same place.

Once AI filters the genes matching the fitness requirement, the CV (or the public/social media profile automatically preselected) goes through the predictive behaviour optimisation: the ones able to pass the filter of preset multiple variables, will survive. Individuals who are not inclined (have not the gene) to adapt, but tend to stand alone and use their own tools to act externally, to impact and bring change, don’t even enter the algorithm artificial selection: they are automatically dumped in the bin.

The full study in PFD with conclusions

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