It’s genocide, dear Cossack brothers

London, 14 April 2022 – The day Biden and Trudeau explicitly called ‘genocide’ the mass killings, atrocities and deportations of civilians Russia is inflicting to the Ukrainian people, Macron said this is not the right definition as Russian and Ukrainians are “brotherly peoples” inviting leaders to be “careful” with the terminology on genocide.

Volodymyr Zelensky got disappointed and called Macron…but even the Zaporozhian Cossack would get furious at the refusal to reckon the ongoing genocide.

Left President of France Emmanuel Macron 2022, right ‘A Zaporozhian Cossack’ by Konstantin Makovsky, 1884

It really sounds like an electoral move to gain from French far and extreme right supporters the votes he needs in order to prevail over Le Pen in the runoff next 24 April.

French president’s direct talks with Putin are over and there’s clearly no hint of negotiations, so there’s no margin for Macron’s moderatism. Moreover the ongoing case brought forward by Ukraine against Russia for genocide in Ukraine at the UN International Court of Justice is giving legal ground to allegations of ‘genocide’.

Kremlin’s propaganda against Ukrainian people as such built up hatred and stereotype against this particular population, distinguished by the Russian one, for years and this has been widely documented from before the invasion; this strategy is to be likened to the Serbian one against the ‘Bosniaks’ when under Milošević they exterminated their neighbours during the Yugoslavian nazi-style horrifying war backed by Russia.

Today further evidence is emerging of mass killings and deportations of innocent unarmed Ukrainians, families and children are deprived of their identity documents and deported in remote regions of Russia such as Siberia: a WWII scenario.

While the international community tries deterrent strategies actually working and calls the reality for what it is, Macron seems, for the first time after months, to go the opposite direction.

Denying we are dealing with ‘genocide’ perpetrated by Russian in Ukraine is intrinsically wrong at least under two main historical and ethical points.

Ukrainians have Russian descendants, especially in the Crimea region, but this is not a legal mitigation to the crime of genocide.

Ukrainians identify themselves as “brothers of the Cossack family” in their anthem (the beautiful melody we all got to know over the last two months): Cossacks are one of the many Russian ethnic groups making up the 1,4 billion population.

“And we’ll show that we, brothers, are of the Cossack nation”

Under the ethic profile it’s important to know, when it comes to the crime of genocide, Cossacks descendants are a distinct group from other Russian ethnic groups. Therefore there is a distinction to be made from the main Russian people (constituted by many ethnic and religious groups) under the historic profile and the Kremlin propaganda used right this rhetoric to separate and distinguish Ukrainians from Russians living in the Ukraine’s national territory. But the main point is the denial of Ukraine being a nation state, hence the genocide: this is bringing humanity back at least of three centuries.

The Kremlin regime’s propaganda is apparently, focused on rebuilding Russia’s territorial ‘integrity’, but this is only the tactical communication for the domestic politics of regime’s maintenance to appeal to the Russian electorate.

The actual reason why Russian army is committing a strategic, premeditate, planned genocide of the Ukrainian population is because these are the electorate of Zelensky: a free, normal person with no oligarchs’ descendants, an actor elected as president of a nation right because he was the incarnation of his notorious personage: a simple school professor of history who, in stark polemic against a corrupted government of pro-Russian oligarchs, has been elected as ‘servant of the people’ cutting Ukraine’s finish line to full democracy of a post Soviet pro-EU country.

Putin’s totalitarianism with fake elections, opposition incarcerated, no free media and political enemies killed, cannot tolerate the democratic Ukrainians at Russia’s borders, furthermore in an interconnected world where everybody in Russia know Zelensky’s story and could see with envy their Ukrainians cousins living in a state of civil rights.

Here is why the Kremlin first cut off media and social media and then started extermination and deportation of Ukrainian people who dared to become free: it’s the ‘democratic gene’ the one totalitarian Russia is fearing and destroying.