London Assembly backs a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Sadiq Khan “We will always welcome refugees”.

London 26 March 2022 – Chair of London Assembly Andrew Boff said “We, the London Assembly, will back” a no fly zone over Ukraine. We asked people’s view on the complex matter given that NATO ruled out a number of times any no-fly zone as this must be enforced by NATO jets, meaning if a Russian aircraft violates the no-fly zone area must be taken down. The consequence is a direct war NATO-Russia expanding into European territory. This last scenario equates to WW3 as Russia will be able to target European cities.

Andrew Boff addressing the crown gathered in Trafalgar Square for the #LondonStandsWithUkraine #StandWithUkraine Rally.

“We will always welcome refugees” said Mayor of London Sadiq Khan speaking to the crowd in Trafalgar Square for the #LondonStandsWithUkraine rally. “Today we are all Ukrainian. Few days ago Zelensky asked people from across the world to take to the street to show solidarity, he asked us to take up the Ukrainian symbols to show our support to Ukraine, to freedom to life; he asked to turn up to our squares, to be visible and heard, well, London has responded to that call”, he said addressing tens of thousands from “all backgrounds, ethnicity and nationality gathered together”.

Two Russian nationals at London’s rally for Ukraine tell us “People in Russia are told people in Ukraine are enemies, they aren’t even perceived as human beings. The best thing we can do now is to keep direct communication with these people “. How to bypass the censorship? “It comes to human to human contact now, so we are here sowing that not everyone is supportive of this war”.

A group pf sustainers of a no-fly zone over Ukraine at #LondonStandsWithUkraine Rally in Trafalgar Square, 26 March 2022

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