Russia vetoed resolution condemning its invasion of Ukraine. History repeats itself: as failure of the League of Nations led to the Second World War failure of UN is leading to the Third one unless we change the rules now

London, 25 Feb 2022 – As usual, the UN Security Council, when it comes to international crisis and war, is stuck thanks to the P5 (Permanent five vote system). This systemic failure will lead us to a new war exactly like it happened in the Second World War, when the League of the Nations failed. Today Russia used its veto power to block a resolution aimed at stopping Russian invasion of Ukraine. This paradoxical situation gives evidence of the sick, distort, power based structure of the United Nations. This must change before it’s too late,

Mainstream media are keen in dismissing every pressure and fault on the United Nations: an in-depth on that wouldn’t make the news; after all UN has always been dubbed “talking shop” and the mediatic debate ‘interventionists vs pro-sanctions’ over war in Ukraine makes better audience than diving into the historical causes of WWII and the complex structure of the UN.

But, as the situation is very serious and rises risks to us all, (whether immediate or in the long term), we have to face the fact that we need the UN intervention not just on the humanitarian front, but on the military ground as well, because analysts say the impact of sanctions on Russia will take time to be effective and Putin is actively building a set of supportive alliances that might mitigate their economic impact.

So far, apart for the humanitarian help, the UN has been unable to maintain peace. We have to face the fact UN is not working. The destiny of humanity cannot be put in the hands of the Permanent Five superpowers (US, Russia, China, France, UK) with veto power in the Security Council. Russian invasion of Ukraine gave the world evidence Security Council is not able to stop a full scale invasion, and this is due to the unjust and undeserved power five countries are using against each other and against the whole world to foster their geopolitical interests.

The UN must change now and include many more countries as Permanent members of the Security Council: the P5 must become P20 (at least). The invasion of Ukraine has all the characteristics of the Nazi invasion by an authoritarian propagandistic violent one party regime which incarcerate and kills political opponent, censors the press, arrests thousands of peaceful protesters, dreams to rebuild a past ‘empire’ through territorial expansion. Ukraine is the new Anschluss justified by common language and culture, started with the Russian speaker Crimea in 2014.

Photo/ US Ambassador to UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield

The United Nations is an organisation not up to its job. Not able to stand up to neo-Nazism. Not up to face the very challenges it has been created to fight.

The next Security Council must be focused on its own radical reform; in agenda: UNSC Immediate enlargement or its abolition. At this stage it’s an existential choice.

The Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. It has 15 Members, and each Member has one vote. Under the Charter of the United Nations, all Member States are obligated to comply with Council decisions: the Security Council does not work.