Labour, opposition and prominent Conservatives ask Boris Johnson to resign. Leadership race already started behind the curtains

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer speaking at the House of Commons during PMQs –
Video © Parliament UK

London, 19 Jan 2022 – British media are reporting over these last hours that the 54 letters of no confidence the Conservative Party Committee 1922 to ask Boris Johnson’s resignations are ready to be sent.

Talks behind the curtains are also ongoing to stab the PM over the unacceptable conduct regard the ‘Partygate’.

Not just In breach of the Covid restrictions rules but able to lie and mislead the Parliament. If found guilty by the ongoing inquiry led by Sue Gray civil servant, second permanent Secretary in the Cabinet Office in charge of the inquiry, Johnson has to forcibly surrender and go.

His today’s muttering and tangible confusion while replying during PMQs is making visible to all resigning asap would maybe save part of his reputation and dignity. Today has been a lesson for his electorate and supporters, especially those million ingenuous who believe that clown is a sympathetic leader, close to the people, and some even feeling him ‘like one of us’ with no awareness of him being a posh, cynical millionaire from the elitist Eton College.

The prominent Conservative MP David Davis former Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union grabbed all British media front pages: “In the name of God, go”. A tangible foreword for the tragedy unfolding inside Tory Party backstage.

The fight for the PM throne has already started. On the frontline former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Brexit Secretary Liz Truss, Health Secretary Sajid Javid and the Chancellor Rishi Sunak.  

The Guardian reports “Johnson could pre-empt a confidence vote by the uncharacteristic act of resigning. He may decide to walk away from No10 immediately, presumably leaving Dominic Raab as temporary prime minister and boosting the justice secretary’s otherwise slim chances”