The nurses revolt: four countries + EU accused of blocking Covid vaccine waiver. 2.5 million call for UN investigation

London, 29 Nov 2021 – They are millions and they threaten legal action not just for their own protection and safety, but for all Covid patients. It is about the Covid vaccine justice battle which finds, as always in world’s history, the wealthy countries on the privileged side and the poor ones on the other; now ‘the others’ built a unified front the international federation ‘Global Nurses United

“European Union, United, Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, and Singapore are blocking World Trade Organization proposal to temporarily waive patent protections on Covid 19 vaccine recipes, endangering, this way, millions of lives around the world”, they say in a petition calling for the investigation and ‘Urgent Action Appeal to the United Nations.

“We demand an urgent investigation into the obstruction of the waiver by these Covid-19 criminals. This is a clear violation of our right to health of nurses, caregivers, and patients. So we are now taking them to court”.

‘The urgent appeal to conduct a mission to the World Trade Organization and halt violations by States of the right to physical and mental health of everyone by their opposition to the COVID’ is addressed to the UN Special Rapporteur on Physical and Mental Health (office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights), Tlaleng Mofokeng.

“On behalf of the undersigned nurses’ unions from around the world, united through our international federation, Global Nurses United, and coordinated by the Progressive International, we write to you to challenge the crimes of the governments of some of the world’s richest countries”.

Signatories of the call trough Progressive International, thousands of nurses, from 28 countries most affected by COVID and its unpredictable variants: the A to Z list sees the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation to Sindicato Unico de Enfermería del Uruguay including Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa, where few days ago emerged the scary new variant Omicron.

It is in fact relevant to note that variants emerge after a widespread replication of infections that’s why the poorest countries need to boost vaccination as soon as possible because we risk now from those areas ever emerging new variants putting global health at risk and prologue the pandemic guaranteeing, this way, pharma multinationals a constant production of patent protected new vaccines and new drugs to treat and prevent Covid-19, always subject to updated recipes supposed to be more effective, instead of allowing the use of the current vaccines to safe developing countries.

Table shows percentage of vaccinated population gap between continents

The huge problem of vaccine patent to developing countries has been recently raised at top EU level by global TV network Al Jazeera in this interview to EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen on how to achieve vaccine equity ad waving vaccine patents.