A 2% gain for the Labour party is too little to give confidence needed to act now

London, 11 Nov 2021 – It was supposed to be the chance for Britain to show the country can thrive in the post-Brexit, post-Covid era and still hold its international stand. Instead this Cop26, has not just been a failure overall for the planet, but turned into inferno for Boris Johnson.

His press conference was the obituary for a democracy where the prime minister desperately tries to persuade the public that institutions are not corrupt, while his MPs are forced to resign when caught cheating lobbying rules or earning hundreds of thousands of pounds through second jobs not just in stark conflict of interests, but in breach of parliamentary rules.

On Wednesday Conservative MP and former attorney general Geoffrey Cox has been accused, on the base of legal evidence, of illegally advising the British Virgin Islands government, which is currently under investigation, and earning hundreds thousands pounds with other extra parliamentary jobs.

Deputy Labour leader Angela Ryner’s request of investigation into the case slightly cooled the steam erupting from social media over the last days, since the Paterson’ lobbying corruption thunder stroke Johnson’s performance of ‘Pax Britannica’ on Cop26 stage.

But still opposition is far from winning electorate’s confidence. In the wake of such widespread corruption, no strong reactions or calls for resignations were made in the parliamentary debate the nation was watching with apprehension. Labour leader Keir Starmer, instead, asked for Johnson’s apologies after he attempted to change the rules to lower the level of standards so that his friends would get away with their corruption.

It is apparent Labour party has no interest in pushing for new elections. Yes it’s true opposition hasn’t the numbers to trigger a government crisis, but this time not all Conservative MPs support Tory corrupted far-right Brexiteers and, on the other hand, polls are slightly shifting.

Chart – Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll @RedfieldWilton

A 2% gain for the Labour party is a positive trend but, too frail to give the party the support and confidence needed to act now. In YouGov poll 7 nov 2021 only 1% think Labour will win next elections with a majority, while 35% think Conservative will win with a slight majority.

Polls are holding back Labour to a cautious ‘waiting policy’. For what? It’s not clear, as yet. Maybe their strategy is to slowly gain a comfortable distance from the Conservatives in the polls, meanwhile the Tory led crisis and their corruption deepen to finally reach the bottom of the barrel, so Labour at that point can count on people’s desperate need for change. Any change.