“Quarantine politicising Covid”. WHO chief Dr Tedros calls for national and global unity and for honest leadership from US and China

Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus – Photo Copyright WHO
WHO chief Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus called politicians at national and international level to take responsibility and  stop “politicizising Covid” because only with unity we can defeat this global threat.
He also revealed having been threaten with racist messages, but did not react for being personally targeted but only when black people have been racially abused.  

London, 8 April 2020 –  A call for unity and to “quarantine”  the politicisation of coronavirus pandemic.

The daily conference update of WHO chief dr Tedros Ghebreyesus put the whole global establishments and political parties in front of their responsibility towards their citizens. ​

It had to be the World Health Organisation director general to remind them, especially US and China, the immense ongoing humanitarian catastrophe. “For God’s sake over 60.000 people died isn’t this enough? It’s more than enough”.

The call should be even embarassing for presidents, prime ministers, party leaders, G20 head of state and even if not explicitly mentioned, the EU leaders, all currently unable to find a common successful strategy against the global pandemic which dynamics, developments and length are still uncertain as dramatic figures and death toll say we are far from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

“We don’t know how it will behave in the future, it is like the flu and is more fatal than the flu”.

“I will suggest two things  to the world”, said Tedros

First: at national level we need to work across party lines, across different ideologies. When there is a crack at national level between political parties, between groups that is a crack the virus can exploit; and it does. Therefore number one point is national unity working across party lines. The the focus of all political parties should be to save their people, so please don’t politicize this virus. Please quarantine politicising Covid: it’s like playing with fire”

“Second: global solidarity is very important, when national unity succeed global solidarity is more easy to form”. And here Tedros goes back to the Cold War when 1969 the eradication of Smallpox was declared; at that time despite the Cold War, USSR and US came together as smallpox was killing two million people annually. “Therefore now US and China should come together and fight this enemy, the rest of G20 should follow and the rest of the world should come together to fight it”.

“When there are cracks at national and global level there’s when the virus succeeds” is the warning of the head of WHO who called for “honest leadership form US and China”.

“Please quarantine politicising Covid. that’s the way to win over this virus”,  were the last repeated words.