Beware of British government’s castling game

London, 18 April 2020 – Like the king swaps position with the rook  when in the chess game he is under attack, Tories moved the Prime Minister in a safe corner of the political chessboard hiding him behind the pawns. The sudden ‘castling’ strategic move is aimed at saving government’s reputation and disguise its responsibility for the ongoing huge loss of lives: death toll passed 15.000 today.

The dynamic of Tories’ game against the helpless British population has been:

Move 1 : They introduced the herd immunity.

Move 2: They realised population and media were attacking them on herd immunity therefore suddenly changed policy when it was too late therefore decided to ‘hide’ the premier as such attacks could have led to a huge loss of consensus and possible legal action.

Move 3: Once the ‘king’ was swapped with the rook and kept out of sight in a safe corner, the pawns have been put forward to replacing him.


Move 4: While Parliament is suspended, Tories display their pawns in front of media in daily briefings where urgent issues are not addressed and questions from the press remain unanswered. Each day a different representative so the wider public cannot identify responsibilities easily.

As the crisis will soften, the PM will act as though he is taking back control.

This government is playing with the lives of population, aware that people are scared and do not perceive political tactics in a moment their own lives are at risk.

Britain’s death toll is going to be the highest in the world after the US one. Deaths outside hospitals are still not counted. NHS staff is facing infection and risking to die because no personal equipment has been provided. Manufacturers of PPE in Britain declared to media they have never been contacted by the government. British retailers Dyson (for ventilators) and Burberry (for face masks) have been contracted but no delivery had been made so far. No sufficient answers had been given on gowns necessary to protect medics and nurses from the SARS-COV-2, a deadly virus with the same mortality as SARS and highly contagious as a coronavirus, which killed so far more than 160.000 globally (though death toll is much higher as many are uncounted).

Today as never before all people living in Britain are in danger as their lives are in the hands of a restrict group not able to make decisions which save lives, both for their lack of skills and political will.