P5: the UN formula that doesn’t guarantee peace. Gaza under Israeli siege as tonight clashes escalate to war

Brussels, 13 May 2021 – As Israel has been created by the UN after the persecution and the genocide of Jews by the Nazi during WWII, a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only be found within the UN.

Though the UN established the partition of Palestinian territory in 1947 to give the Jews their own land after the Holocaust and put an end to centuries of diaspora, it did not recognize Palestine as a state. Still today the UN does only reckon Israel as a state.

Thirty years of intifada, a row of violent conflicts the territorial disputes and the inhumane, illegal, violent, evictions of Arab Palestinians from their own homes in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, root in that grey area of unenforceable international law where justice is replaced by the launch of stones, rockets, bombs, heavy artillery and high tech weapons regularly sold to Israel by US and UK and, on the other side, rockets smuggled by Iran, Turkey and Russia into Palestinian territories through Syria and Lebanon.

Yes the conflict is a proxy war. But today it’s also a civil-war raging in towns and cities between local communities, splitting Jewish and Arab Israelis, far and beyond the territorial dispute and out of the control of western and eastern powers and international lobbies.

Meanwhile in the Gaza strip the armed conflict is escalating to war: at 9pm of today Thursday 13th May Israel is deploying heavy weapons, troupes and tanks to ‘protect the edge’; 9,000 reservists are being sent to the front.

We risk a new 2014 bloodshed which counted over 2000 dead.

The death toll of 109 dead so far on the Palestine side, of which 28 children, is going to soar as military operations on the ground in Gaza will make, once again, clear that the UN Security Council is unevenly ruled by 5 Permanent global economic and nuclear powers not representing anymore (if they ever had) the actual state and need of the world.

From at least two decades the international community is rising the issue of a necessary change as the P5 post WWII asset does not maintain actual peace: though prevented a third World War, so far, US, UK, France, China and Russia are mirroring in the General Assembly interest, and strategic vetoes, making us all pay with local or regional wars the price of a spared global conflict: they are selling the global peace in change of their shared global power enforced through the nuclear deterrent.  

Clearly, an inclusion of India and Brazil is the next step forward, but this is not expected in the foreseeable future. The south of the globe is being still kept out.

The stop from US yesterday to a UN declaration and condemnation of this late Gaza crisis on Tuesday created alarm as violence is not de-escalating. Both Israel and Hamas asked for a UN condemnation of the attacks which they blame each other for.

A new UN Security Council will meet this Sunday 16 May to discuss the crisis in Israel and Palestinian territories. We don’t expect more than words.

On May 13th 2021 Israeli army announced an operation in the strip of Gaza while Hamas said launched from Palestinian territories more than 1.500 rickets in an escalation of conflict which already caused 109 dead of which 27 children. UN Security Council will meet this Sunday. 

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