TalkEurope Interview – Learning to change our future with a big pencil. Matteo Bergamini tells about Shout Out UK, politics and media literacy and why Daily Mail did not like the video ‘No vote no voice’

London, 11 Dec. 2019 – There’s not a more appropriate time to talk about Shout Out UK than over these troubled days of General Elections. Matteo Bergamini is founder and CEO of the London based organisation giving young people the tools they need to shape their future with a responsible and informed use of media and understanding of their connections with political systems.

Matteo has a lot to tell: from the 700 British schools hosting Shout Out UK’s political literacy courses to this week’s Daily Mail journalist attack to the video realised with Drillminister ‘No vote no voice. #RegisterToVote’:  “the clip shows a man with an over sized pencil ticking a box showing to use the power of the vote – he explains – now the Daily Mail, for some bizarre reason, constructed as he is stabbing someone. We put out responses online and we got a ton of supporting  comments”

Many, Bergamini says, suggested that the Daily Mail’s journalist comments were racially motivated therefore “they should be ashamed of this”.

Watch video  ‘No vote no voice’ #RegisterToVote  by Drillminister