Young leave the richest regions of Italy to find work abroad. Migrantes Foundation reports 280K left the country 

Rome, 25 Oct. 2019  – Over the last year 128,000 Italians left their homes to emigrate abroad Migrantes Foundation says in its XIV annual Report on Italians in the World. Overall the number of Italian nationals living in other countries is  5.3 million.
The majority of them are of working age:  35 to 49 years old (1.236.654; 23,4%) followed by 18 to  34 (1.178.717; 22,3%), and 65. As an index of increasing settlement those registered as born abroad are 39,7%.

Main destinations: the EU is the main destination. The book in UK foreign consulates regularisation of residency registered over 20.000 (+ 11.1% compared to the previous year), a growing figure attributable to Brexit.

Second in line is Germany with 18.385 newcomers from the ‘Bel Paese’ (-8,1% over 2017), then France 14.016, Brazil 11.663, the neighbouring Switzerland with its wide Italian speaking canton 10.265 followed by Spain with 7.529.

The richest and most industrialised region of Italy, Lombardy, with its vibrant financial centre of Milan, is first in line in the list of regions abandoned by the Italian working class both with low and high qualifications. 

Out of a total of over 60 million citizens residing in Italy in January 2019, 8.8% are resident abroad (5,288,281 mln). From 2006 to 2019, Italian mobility increased by + 70.2% passing from just over 3.1 million registered with AIRE to almost 5.3 million
Italians seeking work abroad come mainly from Lombardy and Veneto, the richest regions of the country. The poorest Sicily is only third. 

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Fifteen largest Italian populations living abroad in 2019, by country of residence © Statista