BLM – British young are asking end of systemic racism

Photo Copyright © 2020

London, 7 June 2020 – Today protesters in Bristol toppled a statue of 17th century slave trader Edward Colston who killed 19,000 African origin people and enslaved 60,000, and then threw it into the harbour while some went up replacing the bronze monument calling for a ‘revolution’ with a megaphone

It is the step forward from protest to revolt against the British racist and divisive system which through petty legal cheating makes it impossible to report and denounce discrimination based on race and nationality and finally seek justice. 

Many of the signs of the thousands who on Saturday rallied by the Supreme Court of Justice in London, asked a fair and equal education and justice system. Beyond George Floyd, as the trial for his murder at the hands of Minneapolis police is starting on Monday, the whole British new generation, not just African origin and BAME, want to bury colonialism and imperialism derived racism, right the culture and ideology promoted by Tories and British business ruling class.

“Black history mandatory in schools”, “Stop militarization of police”, “Black is beautiful”, are some of the messages in the endless sea of signs in Parliament Square and the nearby area of the Supreme Court where the chant “Black Lives Matter” and “Justice for George Floyd” marked the rhythm of low-sounding drums. 

Nearly all are young, all backgrounds, all races and make clear “this is not a trend” but a determined commitment to achieving justice and equality. 

For the second time on Saturday police intervened in the Downing Street area at the very end of the protest: mounted police have been reported dispelling the crowd. We can report until 6.30 the protest was absolutely peaceful. 

Photo Copyright © 2020