GAZA, Borrell calls EU Foreign Ministers conference 18th May “Urgent need to address the root causes of the conflict”

Photo © EP  European Union 
Brussels, 16 May 2021 – EU diplomatic machine is tirelessly working to de-escalate tensions in Gaza where clashes escalated to war over the last seven days. The High Representative for the block’s Foreign Policy Joseph Borrell, stressed that while Israel has the right to protect its population from these kind of attacks, it must act proportionately and avoid civilian casualties. 

“Violence must end now” said Borrell . “There is an urgent need to address the root causes of the conflict and to find a political pathway, which allows for a return to meaningful negotiations towards a two-state solution based on the internationally agreed parameters”
The historic structural disparity of military forces, where Israel is supplied with heavy weapons and high tech military equipment by western countries, resulted so far into 188 Arab/Palestinians dead, mostly civilians and 47 of them children, while on the Israeli side rockets launched from Gaza Strip caused ten dead and at least 150 wounded. While Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, declared he won’t stop bombing and air strikes on Gaza, EU Foreign Policy chief called an extraordinary videoconference of the EU Foreign Ministers on Tuesday 18 May “in view of the ongoing escalation between Israel and Palestine and the unacceptable number of civilian casualties. We will coordinate and discuss how the EU can best contribute to end the current violence”.
“Borrell has instructed the HR for the Middle East Peace Process, Sven Koopmans, to work actively with other envoys from the Middle East Quartet to address the crisis. On the ground, the EU Delegation in Tel Aviv and the EU Representation in Jerusalem are also engaging with the Israeli and Palestinian authorities and with Member States representatives”, one EEAS press release reads.
Photo Copyright © UNICEF