Cummings’ allegations hit while Labour calls for breach of ministerial code

Answering Jeremy Hunt, Chair of Health and Social Care Select Committee Cummings said “The process by which SAGE was secret was a catastrophic mistake because that means there was not proper scrutiny”.

Beyond the secrecy of SAGE, many are the accusations made by the former spin doctor and strategic communication expert: “Hancock ‘should have been fired” is the slash the Health Secretary is trying to defend himself from over these last hours, in the debate at the House of Commons and then in a rushed Covid-19 press conference. He is accused of having lied on care homes risks of infection.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said this morning (Thursday 27th May 2021) these “unsubstantiated allegations are not true”, while the Prime Minister dismissed criticism from Cummings with regards to his inability and being unfit as PM and leader. Among the most hitting arrows: Johnson refused to follow scientific advice on imposing second lockdown.

Serious lack of responsibility which led today the Labour Party to call a breach in the ministerial code with regards to Hancock, right during new raising concerns and looming health crisis as Covid Indian variant is spreading fast in multiple areas of the UK.

Now, after Cummings has been pulled out from the Tory unethical power machinery, there’s apparent acrimony and revenge against them: Boris Johnson who owes all to his former spin doctor, campaigns creator and communication manipulator, got rid of his right-hand man swiftly and now he and his staff have to face the consequences for that.

Way more expert in using information, communication and media than the settled political establishment, Cummings holds also documents, records, legal evidence to put on the table that may substantiate his claims; as former member of the executive he is ready to land to the public hitting-back information in the name of ‘ethics and transparency’ and the fact this might be done as a revenge does not devalue possible relevant legal evidence for government’s misconduct.

“Over March 2020 SAGE’s assumption was we cannot do lockdown because of the second peak later. Restrictions measures to contain Covid-19 infection spreading were delayed because there wasn’t a proper plan in place”, said former  chief adviser to the British Prime Minister.

Herd immunity was the plan of the government and was seen as inevitability. In 2020  “…the choice was between one peak and herd immunity by September or introducing restricting measures (lockdown) with a second peak”, disastrous and higher than the first one.