Debunking hate speech. A talk with Riccardo Noury on the root causes of the human rights crisis in Italy where Amnesty is supporting Sea-Watch 3 captain Rackete and fighting far-right ‘social’ propaganda.

Rome 10 July 2019 – Challenging far-right populism is tough job. It takes courage, consistency, hard work, and the skills to oppose hate speech, to replace fake information and propaganda with fact-checked reality, with the truth. Riccardo Noury tells us about an organisation working on the frontline now in support of Carola Rackete, the German captain of the migrants rescue vessel Sea-Watch 3 who dared to break Salvini’s ‘closed harbours’ laws.

Previously acquitted from house arrests by magistrates, her case might set a legal precedent. She is charged with resistance to a warship for having rammed the Italian coastguard patrol boat while docking without authorisation at the Lampedusa pier. By not confirming her arrest, an Italian magistrate in Agrigento opened a way out of the anti-migrants Decreto Sicurezza.

In an exclusive interview to Talk Europe, Noury explains how Rackete is the point of convergence of a radicalisation of politics poisoning Italian society split into pro and against NGOs by a constant propaganda spreading on social media hate speech and criminalising those who help migrants, those who save lives at sea.