Behind the explosive belt: Iain Overton leads us to understand The Price of Paradise

London 1st May – We can no longer content ourselves with breaking news or TV debates on terrorist attacks. Suicide bombing is a complex issue deeply rooted in our history, ingrained in international links, infecting the wounds of a political, social and economic global system that does not work. An expert such as Iain Overton, investigative journalist, executive director of AOAV (Action on Armed Violence) leads us step by step along the way of understanding the nonsense of men ready to blow up themselves and pay with their lives ‘The Price of Paradise’.

A book: 500 pages like five hundred steps towards the meaning (that is never a justification) of what leaves us shocked and powerless, every time, whether in New York, Baghdad, Paris, or Colombo. For us to understand, he made investigations, followed the paths of history, travelled to talk with them: with suicide bombers who survived. Yes, also with Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka telling of a time when killing civilians wasn’t their strategy, and why things, then, have changed.