With Sanchez the future of Spain: PSOE first with 28.7%

London 29 April – Spain Election Day: It’s victory for Sanchez, but not a striking one. El Congreso in Madrid will see an alliance PSOE – Podemos to ensure stability.

Consensus for far right nationalist Vox stops at 10.3%, enough to enter the Spanish parliament with 24 deputes.

While closing the campaign on Saturday, Pedro Sanchez already envisaged an alliance with Podemos, meanwhile Pablo Casado, leader of liberal-conservative Partido Popular registered a striking loss, with 16.7% described by El Pais “derrota histórica”.

The liberal centrist Ciudadanos positively exceeds projections with 15.9% ensuring liberal centrists led by Albert Rivera its voice with 57 seats; Rivera already made clear they won’t seek an alliance with the socialists, but did not excluded a right wing coalition.

Independents could add up and ensure a majority, which could bring a left triple alliance  to 199 seats.