CAAT challenges the government to stop sale of weapons made in UK to Saudi Arabia and used against civilians in Yemen

London – Since 2015, when war in Yemen started, the British government refused to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. The evidence that UK weapons are being used in violations of International Humanitarian Law in Yemen is overwhelming, says CAAT, the Campaign Against Arm Trade, fighting today, for us all, at the Royal Court of Justice in London the legal challenge, now at the appeal stage, against the government.

Despite legal evidence, UK sold over £4.7 billion of weapons to Saudi Arabia, its biggest arms customer, therefore sharing the responsibility for nearly seven thousands civilians’ deaths. 

The hearing at the Court, where CAAT is represented by QC Martin Chamberlain of well know International Law firm Leigh Day, will last until Thursday, but the verdict will not be issued until October.

Last February the House of Lords International Relations Committee stated the government is “on the wrong side of international humanitarian law on arms sales to Saudi Arabia”

The legal battle is of vital importance as could set a legal precedent in terms of case law.


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