Seats are shaking, power vanishing, ministers fleeing, general elections approaching: here it comes The Magic Day to Say a Big Sorry to the Windrush Generation … et al

London, – It is when the ruling government is about to risk a new no confidence motion, loses two minsters in one day, while the party is imploding over internal infighting; it is in this very critical moment that it’s time to cherish the opposition, meet all leaders across the UK and give a clear sign to voters; here it comes the opportunistic and instrumental political truce, an ideal moment to unveil the Windrush Generation Compensation Scheme.

It’s The Magic Day to Say a Big Sorry to the victims of illegal deportations because Tories understood, during the complex Brexit process, the ethnic minorities do vote at general elections and can make a meaningful difference in terms of percentage.

During this Magic Day we are supposed to forget the racist hostile environment perpetrated by the Tories, at least, from 2012, against any domestic, Human Rights and international law, and believe the Home Office is really “sorry” and learnt the lesson of the Windrush scandal.


But wait; the Home Office Secretary did not just say his big, emotional “sorry” to those innocent from the Caribbean incarcerated and deported, but also to a wider category of victims of illegal deportations perpetrated against citizens living and working in the UK from decades, paying taxes, perfectly documented but mysteriously declared non documented and ‘illegal immigrants’ after interrogations conducted by government officials, and not by the police or any independent authority. Similar things happen in Chechnya, Nigeria, Venezuela; it is the way Conservatives want to show they are truly global.

“Home Office deported documented people entitled to stay in the UK”. When seats become unstable and the executive is on the cliff edge (they are on the cliff edge, not us) May’s minority government, while losing consensus and ministers, announces proudly and officially through the Home Office in the person of Sajid Javid the Compensation scheme is open also to Commonwealth citizens: a slice of society entitled to vote: they are millions. It is not just about the money (200mln fund); it’s the shift of political consensus of voters the government is after in view of upcoming national/snap elections and probable participation to EU elections.

Polls, votes, ballot papers are now the key words to bare in mind in order to understand the full plot behind the frenetic scenes of this tragicomedy; not the EU nor Brexit: those are, and have always been, pure strategic  means to get political consensus from a mass of voters cynically divided by ethnic origin and nationality criteria in name of a squalid wannabe post-imperial elitist fanaticism.

And the incarcerated and deported EU citizens? Many are the cases of Eastern Europeans who fell victims of the hostile environment against legal immigrants. Are they entitled to the Compensation scheme? Will this new scheme represent a lesson learnt and justify the post-Brexit settle status scheme in order to prevent EU citizens from being victims of the Home Office institutionalised discrimination, as Javid claims?

MPs contested to the Home Office Secretary that many Windrush Generation people were deported despite having legal evidence of their tax contributions from decades. What does it mean, then, answering that in order to prevent similar injustices to be repeated on EU citizens these have to register on settle status scheme so they have evidence and reckoned as legally documented?

The actual answer is Settle status for EU citizens can protect, to a certain extent, from being targeted by the government, therefore European national living in the UK are not completely safe. European Union citizens in UK are non voters, a sub-human, worthless slice of society to politicians: they can only hope from the ballot papers comes out a new friendly environment to Europeans et al.

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