Labour on the ‘leave’ side in case of general elections Corbyn: “We are campaigning for a customs union”.

Labour leader at The Andrew Marr’s Show on Sunday skipped the word ‘leave’ more than once, but made clear his stance and plans in case Tuesday’s vote will result in a defeat for May’s deal. Asked when the no confidence vote would be called, whether soon after the result of the vote, he answered Marr: “You will see what happens”.

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Key question:

Marr: Would you extend Article 50. Do you think that as a country now we need to extend article 50?

“Clearly if May’s deal is voted down and if general elections take place and Labour government comes in and elections are held in February / March there is only few weeks between that and the leave day, and there have to be time for those negotiations”.



Corbyn: “The problem all through this process has been Conservative MPs Tories have been more concerned of reaching a deal with Donald Trump or somebody else rather than ensure a comprehensive agreement with the EU, and this ended up with the Brexit deal May has put forward, which is very damaging in the long run both to rights in this country”

Marr: “You are campaigning to leave”

“We are campaigning for a customs union”.

Marr: “Well, you are campaigning for a customs union, but an agreement which allows Britain to jointly negotiate global trade deals.”

Corbyn: “Our customs union would be with the EU and we would want to have a say in those trade deals, that would be a reasonable position”

Marr: “Have you spoken to anyone any seniority or hefty in the EU who suggested that this is possible?

Corbyn “I have spoken to many people of enormous ‘heft’, I take your word for that, in Brussels, they believe British government is unclear about what is doing and that they had lots of problems with them. I made clear what our priorities are, we are not negotiating, we are just stating what our views are. I have also got a pretty clear indication that in the event of general elections and in the event of a new government in Britain, they want this to be an opportunity for negotiations and time to do it”

Marr: “What you want is not going to happen because it completely contradicts the fundamental laws of the EU, the Treaty of Rome as I mention says ‘The Union shall have exclusive competence in the following areas: 1) Custom Union…’ You are asking them to tear up the fundamental rules.

Corbyn: “The EU is well known for its ability to be flexible, to delay things, and the arrangement it currently has with Norway, with Turkey and other countries. It is quite flexible in these matters. We are a large economy, the EU is even larger economy, but half of our trade is with the EU. It is in a lot of people interest to maintain this level of interactions.