The identity of a massacre: Amnesty International Mayfair and Soho names each victim of the violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


London – It’s the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The feeble light of the iconic candle of the international humanitarian organisation is the symbol of hope for justice, 

The list of  the victims in every country of the world is endless. The reading includes 200 of them. Many killed, many tortured, many still waiting for justice, the ones Amnesty advocates for. 

“This year we held a special event – says Nick Hodgson, Secretary of Amnesty International Mayfair and Soho – because of the 70th anniversary of the Declaration which is a key document for Amnesty International. To celebrate we have linked the names of the individuals and the correspondent article violated  and we have read the entire Universal Declaration”.

The remembrance takes place each year so their names are kept alive in our memory. Names which add up to daily new cases Amnesty is fighting for, in and out national and international courts of justice.
Not to be forgotten an upcoming date: the 4th of February 2019, when the Stansted 15 will be given the final verdict at Chelmsford crown court: and international case of injustice.