The day British citizens took to the streets against Brexit: what they say and why they are so concerned

London Oct 2018 – It was evident people at October’s massive rally for the People’s Vote were for the most part British citizens. Rallies and protests against Brexit have been organised initially by EU citizens addressing concerns over citizenship rights and related issues after the exit from the EU. Over the last months, the British public, whether voters or not, regardless they voted to leave or remain, of all ages, social, cultural, regional backgrounds, started to think differently and understand the major points of concerns related to Brexit: the causes, the powers and lobbies behind it, the (already hitting) consequences, the structural risk for the whole economy and new generations.

Why they are so concerned: VIDEO

Video: Comments from the rally: Thomas Cole – Head of campaigns at Open Britain

Over four months the People’s vote army has seen a sevenfold increase: from the 100.000 of last June rally to 700.000 of October 20th. Their call for a second referendum draws a sharp line between a previous referendum sold by irresponsible politician as a ‘choice of liberty’ only for political/electoral purposes, and a new fresh referendum as a result of the peoples’ will. From the interviews emerge serious concerns of the young who see their future opportunities to work and study already damaged and compromised, and the bitter awareness of men, women, families, elderly disappointed from a political system which through the Brexit revealed its real identity of votes collection hi-tech machine.

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