Thomas Cole (Open Britain): “The Parliament has to listen to people”. Petition reached 228,424 signatures

Open Britain along with eight more citizens’ rights movements and organisations, launched a Petition to ask the People’s vote on the final Brexit deal which already reached more than 228,424 signatures. 

But what if the chaotic and conflicting British Parliament and MPs overturn the chance of this final vote? 

Thomas Cole, head of Policy and Research at Open Britain said “The Parliament has to listen to people. A process had been started with the Referendum two years ago and now is right people are allowed to look at the end result”.

​With negotiations stalling with no progress and increasingly stark opposition ​with Brussels on single market and customs union, not only a bad deal is highly likely, but the risk of a ‘no deal’ and crush out of the EU is still possible. At that point a second referendum would be the only democratic way out from the involute spiral of authoritarianism. (VIDEO @Emymuzzi)