Serbia vs Kosovo in view of EU membership

There’s still long time to go before Serbia wins membership of the bloc. Donald Tusk made clear reforms and recognition of the independence of Kosovo are the prerequisites for any decisive step forward.

serbia map

During the official meeting with Serbian President last  July 14th 201, the EU Council President made clear no timetable will be set for the accession until Serbia shows determination in the anticorruption reforms. Though Serbia started its accession talks three years ago, no actual progress had been made in the dialogue with Pristina which Tusk made clear, will have to reach an agreement. Only “after the end of the dialogue with Pristina” Serbia can think about a full membership.


Since its declaration of independence in 2008, Kosovo relations with Serbia are tense. The last querelle dates back to last 29th March when Serbian president Vucic cancelled his visit to Kosovo after conditions were posed to the visit: Media in Pristina reported Kosovo government decided to “condition” Vucic’s visit by asking the exclusion of interior and defense ministers the delegation.

London, 28 Jul. 2017

Justine De Braeme