EU countries on track for a new guaranteed minimum wage

Migration pact, EU trilogue is taking an awful lot of time. LIBE proposes the ‘relocation coordinator’

The nurses revolt: four countries + EU accused of blocking Covid vaccine waiver. 2.5 million call for UN investigation

Britain increasingly isolated in the fight against migrant smuggling. France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands strengthen cooperation

From stats to streets: ‘la mobilisation féministe’ cries anger for record numbers of violence against women

Greta Thunberg’s full speech at Glasgow COP26 rally

The carriage of discord: EU New Pact on Migration stuck on the track

Fascist salute and truncheon: Rome’s old force of fascism pops out at anti-greenpass rally

An historic UN resolution gives legal ground to fight against climate change. From now on a clean environment is a human right

EU Parliament calls to ban facial recognition and for safeguards in AI use by police and judicial authorities

Towards election win at any cost. Labour leader Keir Starmer reaches out to voters beyond the Party conference

UNHCR: Lockdown didn’t stop refugees’ flow. 82.4mln are forcibly displaced, 42% of them are under 18

Grenfell 2021: 4th year with no justice. That structural corruption making lives unsafe


Cummings’ allegations hit while Labour calls for breach of ministerial code


Israel weaponised by Western powers

UK: The rally, the bill, the establishment behind the scenes: thousands speak loud against anti-protest upcoming law 

P5: the UN formula that doesn’t guarantee peace. Gaza under Israeli siege as tonight clashes escalate to war

Scottish independence: voters looking at the EU

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